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Financial Powerhouse is an amazing, no-fluff community for first-gen women who want to feel financially fluent and break negative financial cycles. Whether you’re just getting started or are a seasoned investor- this is for you.
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With the proper tools...


you can build your financial knowledge, feel confident making investment decisions, and go about living your life, knowing your money is covered.


With live calls twice a month, pre-recorded online videos, and actionable worksheets, we’ve got the resources you need to build your financial skills and become a financial powerhouse.


Financial Powerhouse: The Club

Financial Powerhouse: The Club is a membership community where women can easily access the education, mindset tools, and mentorship they need to build generational wealth.

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What you Get in the Club

A+ Financial Game from a CFP®

Actionable, no BS lessons from Anna N’Jie-Konte- A CFP® with 14 years experience in the financial services industry. Anna grew up without much money or financial stability, and worked on Wall St. advising wealthy folks how to transfer wealth efficiently.

She will guide you from the place of just getting started on your financial journey and being super overwhelmed to a bonafide wealthy woman who wants to explore buying businesses and being an angel investor.

Her #1 goal is to help more women be financially independent, with big “I do what I want” energy to back it up. #YHLQMDLG

Money Mindset Healing

A lot of us have financial trauma or a plain old dysfunctional relationship with money. By joining the club you will:

Discover the “money thoughts” cycle that is keeping you stuck in financial stress and trauma. 

Uncover your money mindset blocks that stop you from recognizing and going after your biggest financial & life goals. 

Begin to heal your relationship with money. Let money be your tool to achieve your goals & not the impediment.  

Learn practical financial systems to establish & combat negative cycles until you heal from them. 

Actionable Lessons

Anna and other experts will deliver live lessons to help you build your financial skills twice a month. We will cover topics such as:

 Building & tracking your financial progress with a net worth statement. 

  How to set up a budget you can stick to.  

 Learn to set your financial independence plan. 

 Finally figure out how much you need in traditional, Roth, or brokerage accounts. 

Understanding different investment types & how they are taxed.

➽ Building & caring for your credit. 

 When you're ready to start buying investment properties & what to look out for. 

And more!

By participating in Financial Powerhouse: The Club you will:

Have a sense of your current financial picture and what your financial priorities need to be right now.

 Know what financial levers to pull to achieve greater financial freedom based on where you are in your financial journey.

 Understand which debt to prioritize, and which to let linger.

 Know what goals you should financially prioritize as a professional woman.

 Know your financial independence number.

 Have a concrete, personal financial plan made by you, for you.


The Club is right for you if:

You’re a woman who wants to break the generational financial struggle.

 You’re making $80,000+ and are between the ages of 25-45.

 You have strong emotional reasons for wanting more money. You want to buy property, take care of your elderly parents, or create generational wealth to pass down to your kids. Or, maybe you simply want to take yourself on a fabulous vacation and not worry about the cost!

 You celebrate diversity in all forms. You want to hang with badass women, people of color, people with disabilities, LGBTQI folks, and people from many cultures, traditions, and faiths.

 You sometimes struggle with making financial decisions and you want an experience that is going to make you stay on track.
You want to feel financially free.

 You are kind, cool, and coachable.

 You are serious about building wealth and the time is NOW.


Hi, I'm Anna!

No matter what you do for a living — whether you’re a marketing manager, a doctor, a lawyer, a consultant, or a teacher — you likely feel like you could be making better financial decisions than you currently do.
My goal is to help more professional women(ages 25-45) take control of their financial lives.

You already have the professional skills and knowledge to build your career. What you need is a financial strategy; decision-making points; reliable and actionable financial information to take your finances to the next level.

We can help you do this.

This is where you need to be: Financial Powerhouse: The Club.

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  • 1 mindset or financial concept call monthly
  • 1 hot seat or “Ask Anna Anything” call
  • 24/7 Access To Our Private Community
  • Learn on demand at your own pace with pre-recorded videos
  • Wealth-building tool dashboard
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