The Deeper Work

Apr 13, 2023

There's not much that frustrates me more than tactical financial talk with no context.

 "Always contribute to a Roth IRA."

"You should always save 10-15% of your income for retirement."

It feels so shallow. I've tried to shy away from giving blanket rules like that online- because while tax location and savings rates do matter in a financial plan, these blanket messages miss some of the deeper work. 

Discerning the components and context that matter; what should be included are some of the things I'm considering these days as I work through the outline for my book. I've been asking myself how I can combine the work of:

  • Helping more women of color get wealthy;
  • Educating more women of color in finance, investing, and business;
  • Closing the racial wealth gap and economically empowering Black, immigrant, and Latine communities;
  • The deep mental decolonization work we need to do. The trauma we need to heal. The knots in our body that we need to massage. The re-centering of our lived experience, ancestral traditions, and wisdom.

I'm truly unsure of how to fit that all together in one book. It feels a little scattered, and yet it's true. I know it's true because I've lived it.

When I reflect upon my own journey, I see how every step I've taken towards financial freedom was not just for me, but was for my daughters, my mami, my grandmother, and all the women in my life- past and present. I built the wealth, as a healing offering to them. 

"Here. I know you couldn't do this, but I bring this to you in part to prove that we are deserving of wealth and capable of managing it." 

My building wealth freed up my mental and emotional energy to go to therapy, remove trauma from my body and intentionally care for myself.

It freed me up to research my ancestral practices and spirituality.

It allows me to heal the relationship I have with myself, my family, and my community. 

The amazing part is I was also able to do it in a way that was aligned with my personal values, and not some privileged white dude whose life looks nothing like mine.

In short, money is one of the gateways to freedom. To tap in with our ancestors. To grow together as a community and reclaim what is ours- our sovereignty, our autonomy, our beauty, our uniqueness. I have no idea how to fit all of that into a book, but I absolutely plan to try!

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